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Project Description
PowerDoc is a collaborative database documentation tool which can be used to create accurate, professional quality database documentation. It keeps an audit of the documentation, so that it is easy to track the changes.

It is architected so that it can be easily extended to support any database, not limiting it to be used only for SQL Server.
Added comments is very simple and easy as opposed to using stored procs to add the comments. Once you start using it, you no longer need to remember the tables, functions and their uses. It would all be their in the tool.

The tool is built in WPF (.NET 4.0) using MVVM pattern.

User Authentication support - You can define your own users, who can use this application.
Annonymous Access - You can set the application so that it can be used by annonymous users.
Auto Save - Periodically save your comments automatically
Synchronize System Objects - The app can be configured to synchronize system objects (master, model, tempdb, INFORMATIONSCHEMA, sphelptext, etc) or not.
Show System Object - Decide whether you would like to see the system objects or not.

Database Supported
SQL Server 2005
SQL Server 2008

Upcoming Features
Support for other databases - MySql, Oracle, SQL CE, etc.
Generating Reports based on the documentation
Auto Updater
Schema Documentation suggestion - Based on the schema, the tool automatically generates comments, which can be modified.

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