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PowerDoc allows you to document your database. It does so, by providing you an interface in which you can view all your database objects. You can add comments/notes to any of the database object you see in the GUI.
You can even very the history of comments.

The database which you want to Document is know as Source. The place where you want to store the comments is known as Persistence Store.
You can extend the system to add any kind of Source, be it SQL Server, MySql, Oracle, SQL Lite, etc.
Similary you can extend your Persistence store to save the information in SQL Server, MySql, Oracle, Files, XMLs, etc.

Currenly, SQL Server is implemented. I am working on MySql, which will be release soon.

When you download/install the application, you'll need to change the Persistence Connection Strings in the PowerDoc.exe.config files.
You'll also need to create a database, on the server where you need to store the documentation information. In the SQL folder, there is a script - CreateDatabase.sql which can be used to create the database.
Once you have created the database, you will have to synchronize the databases.

Build Instructions

Extending PowerDoc

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SkeeterDeeter Feb 20, 2013 at 1:41 PM 
I installed PowerDoc but it went into the void. Where is it installed? How do I use it? Where is the documentation? There is nothing.